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Z-Rox Z-Rox

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome game... but... Ehm... American keyboards?

Man this game is 100 % pure awesomness (The name of the Audio fits both the audio and the game,very well)
The idea for this game is so original that my brain got bursted out the second i tried it XD

BUT i do find one problem in it. >:(
Okay well i'm from Denmark, and therefore i have a danish keyboard... I played the game and got to lvl 11. But then I gave up. Because that one symbol (i still have no idea what it is) probably isn't on my keyboard, because it's a symbol that has been removed to make space for the 3 danish letters (æ,ø,å). Fact is, i cant get further than lvl 11.
Well pehaps im REALLY stupid and cant figure out lvl 11... but im pretty sure thats not the problem... 'cause, i just tried ALL of my buttons... and none of them worked...
If it really is the keyboard difference, i would like to ask for you to fix it... :)
'Cause i really think your game is great



Evil-Dog responds:

Nope, the keyboard is not the problem. Like stated in the description and the tutorial, levels can be anything, letters, numbers, symbols, shapes, objects and answers are in english and can be WORDS, not only keyboard keys :) Don't give up for the sake of Denmark! Thanks for the score!